Event Rental Space

The Student Success Center boasts over 12,400 square feet  of event space, ranging from boardrooms for 16 to suites for 240. The venue’s 32 sky boxes are also available for unique small meetings and events with fantastic views of Bobby Dodd Stadium and historic Grant Field – the oldest on-campus stadium in the NCAA. Take a closer look at our spaces below to choose just the right room and seating arrangement for your event. Custom floor plans can be created based on need. Contact the Meeting and Event Manager to discuss details.

Since the Student Success Center comprises the west side of Bobby Dodd Stadium, please note that the Event Coordinator reserves the right to reschedule any event that falls on a home football game day.

New Event Guidelines

The Bill Moore Student Success Center is free to the Georgia Tech Community (faculty, students, and staff) Monday – Friday during business hours 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. After business hours there is an event rental fee applied to all rentals. Our room rental fee for the Georgia Tech Community is $200 for the first four hours and $40 for any additional hour Monday through Friday after 4:30 pm and all day on Saturdays and Sundays.

Exceptions to the room setups would be for weddings and any events booked for consecutive days. Please review the Setup Options links on our website.

In an effort to promote the safety of our guests, the following will be implemented for all meetings and events in our spaces:

Event Safety Guidelines

Individuals who are vaccinated do not have to wear a face covering. Individuals who are not vaccinated are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering while inside campus facilities.

Space Capacities

We are returning to pre-Covid event guidelines. The Student Success Center is operating at full capacity. Please refer to the capacity chart below to view a space’s allowed capacity.

Campus Visitors and Sponsored Visits

Departments hosting visitors, including research sponsored visits, are responsible for maintaining information about whom the visitors met with for at least four weeks after the visit.

All event hosts are required to maintain an accurate attendance list for each event in our spaces. The attendance log must be maintained either digitally or physically by the event host for four weeks after the conclusion of the event.

Hosting a Virtual Event

Student Success center can host a seminar, workshops, or presentations with a live in-person meeting or event with a virtual component. Hybrid events are a great way to reach a larger audience of people who are unable to attend in-person due to travel or time zone restrictions.

Georgia Tech's Office of Information Technology (OIT) has collaborations with Microsoft Teams, WebEx and BlueJeans as virtual meetings tools. For more information, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The capacities by layout below have factored in spacing for no additional furniture or a single-sided buffet only, if catering is offered. If you require a double-sided buffet, panelist table, or other additional furniture, capacity sizes will be reduced to meet current fire code regulations. Please contact the Event Coordinator to confirm your spacing needs and to discuss custom floor plan needs; we reserve the right to adjust your floor plan as needed to meet fire code requirements.

Event Room Banquet Rounds (8) U-Shape/Hollow Square Classroom Theater Reception
Clary Theater       140  
Hall of Success         75
President’s Suite A 24 15 15 35 35
President’s Suite B 72 24 39 80 125
President’s Suite C 40 24 24 40 60
President’s Suite D 24 15 15 35 35
President's A+B 104 48 93 135 155
President's A+B+C 144 75 123 175 215
President's A+B+C+D 152 90 150 160 220
President's B+C 120 51 84 140 185
President's B+C+D 144 66 81 175 215
President's C+D 64 36 39 75 90
Press Room A 64 36 40 80 110
Press Room B 80 36 40 80 110
Press A+B 152 72 80 160 220
Festival Suite 80 30 30 80 100
Conference Room 292   16 (U-shape only)      

Sky Boxes #1 – 6, 8, 9, 11 – 25, and 27 – 29 are "singles" and seat up to four (4) people at a table.

Sky Boxes #7, 10, 26, and 31 are “doubles” and seat up to eight (8) at a table.

Sky Boxes #16 and 30 do not belong to the SSC and cannot be used for our events for any reason.

Event Room Room Dimensions (LxW) Area Sq. Ft. Ceiling Height Floor Level Natural Lighting
Clary Theater 75’ x 50’ 2,205   Ground Yes
Hall of Success 50’ x 25’ 2,083   Ground Yes
Conference Room 292 50’ x 25’ 1,250   Second No
President’s Suite A 22’ 9” x 24’ 8” 555 7' Ground


President’s Suite B 47’ 10” x 30’ 5” 1,876 7' Ground Yes
President’s Suite C 22’ 9” x 30’ 6” 699 7' Ground Yes
President’s Suite D 22’ 9” x 24’ 5” 510 7' Ground Yes
President A+B 22’ 9” x 55’ 1” 2,431 7' Ground Yes
President A+B+C 22’ 9” x 85’ 7” 3,130 7' Ground Yes
President A+B+C+D 22’ 9” x 110’ 3,640 7' Ground Yes
President B+C 22’ 9” x 60’ 11” 2,575 7' Ground Yes
President B+C+D 22’ 9” x 85’ 4” 3,085 7' Ground Yes
President C+D 22’ 9” x 54’ 11” 1,209 7' Ground Yes
Press Room A 25.5’ x 51’ 10” 1,358   Second Yes
Press Room B 25.5’ x 51’ 10” 1,358   Second Yes
Press Room A+B 25.5’ x 103’ 8” 2,716   Second Yes
Festival Suite 32’ 8” x 44’ 10” 1,716   Basement No
Sky Box – Single   180   Ground and Second Yes
Sky Box - Double   241 - 367   Ground and Second Yes


Room rental fees are based on an event time frame of up to four (4) hours, excluding set-up and teardown time. If more time is needed, each additional hour after the first four is charged at a rate of 20% of the base rental fee. All reservation cancellations must be submitted in writing at least 72 hours before the event start date; otherwise, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged.

Registered Student Organizations and GT departments will be charged a flat base rate of $200 with an additional hour fee of $40 for events occurring after 4:30pm on weekdays and all weekend events.

Non-Profit Organizations will be charged a flat base rate of $200 with an additional hour fee of $40 whenever they book at the Student Success Center.

External Groups – Corporate info Sessions

Event Room Base Rental Fee Additional Hour Fee Corporate Info Sessions
Clary Theater $750 $150/hour $75
Hall of Success $250 $50/hour $75
Conference Room 292 $200 $40/hour $75
President’s Suite A $200 $40/hour $75
President’s Suite B $400 $80/hour $75
President’s Suite C $250 $50/hour $75
President’s Suite D $200 $40/hour $75
President's Suite A+B $550 $110/hour $75
President's Suite A+B+C $750 $150/hour $75
President's Suite A+B+C+D $900 $180/hour $75
President's Suite B+C $600 $120/hour $75
President's Suite B+C+D $750 $150/hour $75
President's Suite C+D $350 $70/hour $75
Press Room A $300 $60/hour $75
Press Room B $300 $60/hour $75
Press Room A+B $600 $120/hour $75
Festival Suite $350 $70/hour $75
Sky Box (Single and Double) $150 $30/hour $75

Weddings begin at $3500

Please note the Student Success Center's Weekend Cleaning Fee Policy:

Any group (internal to GA Tech or external) hosting an event ending after 8:00 pm on weekdays or anytime on Saturdays and Sundays will be charged a mandatory $200.00 cleaning fee. This fee does not include the removal of trash from your event space. It is your responsibility to assist the onsite event coordinator in removing your trash from the building. Thank you for your cooperation!